Kaptas utilises content management technology of M-Files


13.10.2016 00:00 - News

Kaptas utilises content management technology of M-Files

Kaptas has started to use the content management technology of M-Files. With the solution, the company documentation of approximately three terabytes - i.e. 3,000-gigabytes - can be mobile-managed in real time. With the help of the M-Files software, information and documents are managed on the basis of what they contain, not on the basis of the files the information has been saved in. This substantially accelerates finding the right information and improves its usability.

The number of different documents is huge. All our customers require management of information and versions, particularly the pharmaceutical industry. Real-time information management is a central piece in our systematic and consistent mode of operation, argued Pertti Tykkyläinen, the Managing Director of Kaptas.

How much is a huge amount of data? Three terabytes equal 3,000 gigabytes, which is 3 million megabytes. Converted in high-quality photos, 3 terabytes would accommodate 600,000 photos.