Kaptas as a company

Kaptas as a company

Kaptas Oy is an expert company in automation technology. Our customers include companies in the pharmaceutical industry, metal, plastic, electronics and food industry.

The challenges of our customers relate to component processing, assembly, design, programming, product development and project management – making production more effective and improving profitability. In developing production methods and processes, we utilise automation technology in a comprehensive manner – robotics, simulation, computer vision, measuring technology, component feed, artificial intelligence, big data.

Regardless of the industry, our customers have in common the need and willingness to make production more effective. It is a question of profitability and competitiveness, capacity, quality, security of supply and expertise – the willingness to succeed in the competitive market.

The planning of automation solutions, construction and testing of lines and product manufacturing occur in a controlled and safe manner in our production premises in Liperi, in Eastern Finland.

Kaptas employs almost 30 professionals. The turnover of the company is approximately 4 million euros (2017). Our modern production premises finalised in 2010 and extended four years later are located in Liperi, North Karelia.

Kaptas history

Kaptas history

Kaptas's founders Pertti Tykkyläinen and Kari Sinkkonen have in common their twenty-year careers in automation, the most valuable expertise of Perlos, a company specialised in telecom and medical business.

The importance of making production more effective as well as automation expertise had been internalised by the internationally experienced men who established Kaptas Oy in 2007. Already in 2010, a new plant was constructed in Ylämylly, Liperi. The plant was extended in 2014. Ylämylly industrial zone includes a total of 2,150 square meters of production space.

In the end of 2012, Kaptas published a unique concept for pharmaceutical industry production. The concept revolutionised the competitiveness, product development and production of the pharmaceutical industry in the early stages, when quick market access is decisive. With the concept created by Kaptas, production lines can be constructed and developed as the customer's volumes increase.

In ten years, Kaptas has established its position as an expert in automation technology. The services are characterised by a customer-oriented mode of operation, top quality and concrete benefits from automation. Kaptas is a central part of the value network benefiting the pharmaceutical industry in North Karelia.

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