Automation services

Kaptas automation services

Kaptas - Adaptable Automation Associate

Expert services in production automation

  • Technology reviews
  • Assembly analysis / process optimisation
  • Quality assurance, constant improvement
  • Increasing effectiveness


  • Through process expertise, we can analyse and optimise the customer’s product and production process, as well as provide necessary feedback.

Machine assembly, project management

  • The building of assembly lines based on tried and tested solutions leads to faster and simpler production.
  • Through our networks, we are able to undertake the design and production of large projects.

Systematic follow-up of the automation project

Systematic project management ensures the aimed result, while minimising wastage and errors. The customer projects of Kaptas progress in accordance with clearly established milestones towards the aimed result. Project follow-up is realised on two levels: together with the customer and internally at Kaptas.

 Kaptas Milestones M1-M6

  • M1: Project Kick Off whereby the project aims/requirements/challenged are reviewed
  • M2: Planning inspections and approval of solutions together with the customer
  • M3: Manufacture start meeting, where Kaptas team goes through the project in detail with regard to mechanics, technologies and automation solutions
  • M4: Start of testing where the tests completed on the equipment are outlined
  • M5: Implementation of test drives
  • M6: Customer’s approval for the equipment

Project meeting practices – including the necessary number of meetings and participants in project meetings at different phases – are agreed in accordance with the customer’s wishes and project requirements. Kaptas monitors projects internally at least on a weekly basis and more frequently, if needed.

In each project, Kaptas appoints a customer’s contact person, through whom contact with us is as uncomplicated as possible.

After Sales

  • The After Sales concept of Kaptas includes effective orientation and training of the customer. Expertise, attitude and Kaptas quality are concretised for the benefit of the customer.
  • We create a remote connection to the automation lines we have delivered. We monitor the operation, utilisation degree and eventual fault situations in the lines. We can anticipate situations and make necessary fault diagnoses and repairs.
  • Proactivity is Kaptas’s mode of operation. Kaptas’s maintenance agreement and fluent spare part service ensures that production works without interruptions and waiting.

Kaptas automation concept

Kaptas thinking

There is always room for improvement– to question operational practices and to look at things from a new perspective. More effectiveness can be created with new automation, intelligent update of a previously realised automation solution, sometimes also in developing manual work. Automation is not an intrinsic value, but the optimal overall solution for the customer is!

Kaptas service ability

We are a partner to our customer. It is the passion of the entire professional team of Kaptas to produce added value to the customer. Effectiveness, competitiveness, successes, solutions to bigger and smaller problems. Our asset is expertise, latest technology, capacity in Joensuu and Turku units, and the most important thing – experience.

Kaptas’s own machining company enables fast reaction in the proto phase. Fluent cooperation between the designer and the machinist is concretised for the benefit of the customer also in terms of availability of spare parts.

Kaptas quality

ISO 9001 management system supports the concrete constant improvement culture of Kaptas Oy – the construction of Kaptas quality. We implement projects with documented and systematic processes. Our operation is based on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) spirit and we are truly proud of our validation expertise, in which we have practical experience since the 1990s.

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Kaptas cost-effectiveness

Regardless of the company’s field of operation, automation increases productivity and profitability. Automation improves the competitiveness and quality of the industry. Personnel resources can be effectively directed into stages that require human work. Every second is a challenge for us – and a victory when we can cut even one second from the work cycle time of a production line.

Kaptas scalability

Investments made once upon a time in accordance with sustainable development are effectively utilised when production needs growth. The assembly lines can be scaled when the volumes of the customer increase; realised annual production volumes total 1–20 million pieces.

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