Plastic and metal

Automation is the lifeblood of profit-making

Companies must bring to the markets more and better products with smaller resources. In order to succeed, a successful company needs to constantly work for quality, price and service ability. Kaptas automation increases the added value of production.

Kaptas process expertise

Kaptas analyses and optimises assembly processes and provides improvement suggestions. Thanks to our demanding and wide-ranging customer base, we have been able to enhance our special expertise in manufacturing process throughout decades. The benefit is reaped by the customer, for whom the expertise of Kaptas is concretised e.g. in terms of innovative processing solutions of products and items as well as energy consumption solutions that significantly improve productivity.

Necessary effectiveness and reliability can often be added through an intelligent update of previously realised automation solutions.

Automation can yield double-digit growth numbers, create new jobs and keep customers satisfied

Quality and low production costs are no longer competition assets but vital for survival. Automation increases the added value of production. Effectiveness can be improved by doing the rights things instead of unproductive ones.
All customer fields of Kaptas have a similar necessity for automation: correctly implemented automation strengthens the competitiveness of companies. Plastic, metal, electronics, pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry – the experience gained by Kaptas in different fields benefits all customers.

Comprehensive improvement of effectiveness is visible in the processes of our customers in terms of:

  • Reduced setting times
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Minimisation of malfunctions
  • Minimisation of loss
  • Improved quality
  • Improved profitability
  • Improved occupational safety
  • Increased work satisfaction

With intelligent automation, companies can reach new markets. Cost-effectiveness and quality can produce new jobs.

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