Automated assembly lines produced by Kaptas can be scaled when customer volumes increase. Annual production volumes with Kaptas production lines total to 1-20 million pieces (Bx, Spider, Slimline, Highspeed).

We produce unique automation solutions with long lifecycles and when there is a need for an update, we can efficiently utilize parts from the old production line.

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The starting point of Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines is to improve patient safety.

The activities of Kaptas are based on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. With the validation of automation solutions, it is ensured that the equipment we manufacture fullfills predetermined criterias.

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Kaptas Oy

Smart automation operator

Kaptas Oy is an expert company in automation technology with a 30-year experience in industrial automation. One of our special areas of expertise is the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry.

The challenges of our customers relate to component processing, assembly, design, programming, product development and project management – making production more effective and improving profitability. In developing production methods and processes, we utilise automation technology in a comprehensive manner – programming, robotics, simulation, computer vision, measuring technology, component feed, artificial intelligence, big data.

Kaptas automation concept equals to – thinking, service ability, quality, cost-effectiveness and scalability.

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