Promector Oy and Kaptas Oy, expert companies in automation technologies, have merged

3.3.2021 - News

The new company will continue growing under Kaptas’s name with pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry as growth engines. Kaptas is part of the international Addtech Group, which involves more than 130 companies in Europe. The group employs ca. 3,000 people and its combined turnover is more than one billion euros. Kaptas units in Joensuu and Turku serve the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry as well as companies in the field of plastic, metal and electronics. In its units, Kaptas employs a total of ca. 50 professionals. Pertti Tykkyläinen has been appointed as the Managing Director of the company.

The merger is a natural continuation for Movetec Oy, also part of Addtech Group. Movetec acquired Promector in 2019 and Kaptas in 2020 and aims to further strengthen the position of Kaptas as a manufacturer of smart automation and large-scale projects especially for the medical market.

– Merger of Promector and Kaptas will create a strong company in terms of competence, capacity, on-time delivery and high-quality production. As part of Addtech Group, Kaptas becomes an even stronger partner for the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry, where automation investments are demanding in terms of the technical solution and delivery times. Medical industry also sets special quality requirements for our production lines, explains Chairman of the Board of Kaptas and Movetec Markku Suominen.

Synergy in competence

Merger of Kaptas and Promector creates a unique hub of competence within the industrial automation sector in Finland. Promector, founded in 1991, is known as a pioneer in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry as well as in the electronics industry. As a designer and producer of unique automation machines, Promector has had a major role in the internationalisation of the Finnish pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry.

Kaptas, founded in 2007, also has its roots in the telecom and medical business. 2012 was a breakthrough year for the company – it launched a unique concept to improve the productivity in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure a quick market access for a product in the early phases of product development and production.

– Our professionals have decades of experience from demanding projects. All of this experience and competence is available for our customers, Managing Director of Kaptas, Pertti Tykkyläinen, summarises.

The competence of Kaptas is at its best in innovative solutions of processing demanding products as well as in energy-efficient solutions that significantly increase productivity.

Investment pressure pours out

The covid-19 pandemic, which escalated in the beginning of 2020, has burdened the economy globally. Companies have been cautious in their investments.

– Already before the pandemic, the importance of robotics, automation and digitalisation for productivity and competitiveness were acknowledged as crucial, Pertti Tykkyläinen reminds. According to him, now at the latest is the momentum for companies to invest, in order to take advantage of technological possibilities as the economy starts to grow.

Work productivity has increased in Finland slower than, for example, in Sweden and Germany since 2007. It seems that Finland has fallen behind its comparison countries in the use of technology.

– In addition to highly competent people, companies need to invest in modern technology and automation to cope with the competition, Movetec’s CEO Joonas Koski states, reminding that after the merger, Kaptas is an even stronger partner also in international markets.

Further information:

Kaptas Oy
Pertti Tykkyläinen
Managing Director
+ 358 40 726 7630

Movetec Oy
Joonas Koski
+358 40 455 2673

Kaptas Oy
Markku Suominen
Chairman of the Board
+358 40 041 8074

Kaptas Oy is an expert company specialised in automation, technology and process development as part of the international Addtech Group. The production concept developed by Kaptas as well as innovative technological solutions are concretised for the customer as a competitive factor, cost-effectiveness and quality. The company’s customers include pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry, plastic and metal as well as electronics. Our production units are located in Joensuu and Turku. Kaptas employs ca. 50 professionals in the field and the turnover is approximately 7 million euros.

Addtech Group serves as a connecting link between manufacturers and customers, providing tailored components and systems for industry and equipment manufacture. The core strategy of the Group is to provide customers with technological and economic added value. The Group includes ca. 130 subsidiaries with around 3,000 employees. The turnover of the Group is approximately one billion euros. 

Movetec Oy is an importer and machine constructor in mechatronics, automation and industrial IT components. The company is part of the international Addtech Group and belongs to the Automation Division of the Group. The turnover of the company is approximately 28.5 million euros. The company has 42 employees.