Kaptas as a company

Kaptas Oy is an expert company in automation technology. Our customers include companies in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry, metal, plastic as well as electronics fields.

Kaptas is part of the international Addtech Group, which involves more than 130 companies in Europe. The group employs ca. 3,000 people and its combined turnover is around one billion euros.

Producer of smart automation

The challenges of our customers relate to component processing, assembly, design, programming, product development and project management – making production more effective and improving profitability. In developing production methods and processes, we utilise automation technology in a comprehensive manner – robotics, simulation, computer vision, measuring technology, component feed, artificial intelligence, big data.

Regardless of the industry, our customers have in common the need and willingness to make production more effective. It is a question of profitability and competitiveness, capacity, quality, security of supply and expertise – the willingness to succeed in the competitive market.

Kaptas at your service!

The planning of automation solutions, construction and testing of lines and product manufacturing occur in a controlled and safe manner in our production premises in Joensuu and Turku.

The production plant of the Joensuu unit was constructed in 2010 and are located in Ylämylly industrial zone. After an extension realised in 2014, the production space covers a total of 2,150 square meters.

The Turku unit of Kaptas includes 1,200 square meters of production space. In Turku, customers can also benefit from Kaptas’s own machining facility that enables fast reaction in the proto phase and good availability of spare parts.

In total, Kaptas employs almost 50 professionals. In order to be able to provide our customers the best possible manufacturing solution, we have created a network of partners. The members of the network represent the best expertise in their fields – from planning to simulation and from machining to components.

Corporate responsibility

Kaptas is part of the Swedish Addtech Group, and follows its ethical guidelines in its operations. These instructions guide both the activities of our own personnel and our cooperation with our partners and subcontractors.

Read more about our code of conduct operating principles

Kaptas’ Whistleblower service

Kaptas Oy is part of the Addtech Group. Addtech strives to maintain a transparent business climate and high business ethics. We value the safety and respect of everyone affected by our business.

Because of this, we offer a Whistleblower service that can be used by anyone to report irregularities that goes against our values and Code of Conduct. To ensure anonymity for the whistleblower function, we use and external partner, Whistle B.

Follow the link below to get to the external whistleblower site. There you can find further information and choose more languages: https://report.whistleb.com/en/addtech

Kaptas history

Roots in 1991

Kaptas’s roots date back to 1991, when Promector, a technology company in Turku was established to design and manufacture individual equipment related to production automation. The company soon established its position, becoming known for numerous equipment deliveries to the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry.

Strong competence base

The strengths of the Joensuu plant established in 2007 extend to the most valuable field of expertise of Perlos, specialised in telecom and medical business, automation. From the beginning, the main message of Kaptas to the industry has been the importance of making production more effective and the constantly growing significance of automation.

A unique concept in the pharmaceutical industry

In the end of 2012, Kaptas published a unique concept for pharmaceutical industry production. The concept revolutionised the competitiveness, product development and production of the pharmaceutical industry in the early stages, when quick market access is decisive. With the concept created by Kaptas, production lines can be constructed and developed, as the customer’s volumes increase.

Acquisition of Promector

In 2019, Movetec acquired automation manufacturer Promector. For Movetec, specialised in the import and equipment construction in mechatronics, automation and inudstrial IT, the acquisition of Movetec was a significant first step in the growing market of automation.

In 2020, Movetec continued to strengthen its automation expertise by acquiring Kaptas Oy. Promector and Kaptas merged into Kaptas Oy in spring 2021.

Part of the international Addtech Group

Kaptas, owned by Movetec, is part of the automation division of the international Addtech Group. The Addtech Group provides tailor-made components and systems for industry and equipment manufacturing.

Addtech creates both technical and economic added value by helping customers to create even better end results with more competitive production costs than before.

Automation is the future!

In 30 years, Kaptas has established its position as an expert in automation technology. We solve our customers’ manufacturing challenges, while investing in quality, concrete benefits reached with automation and sustainable development. Experience in numerous challenging projects is valuable capital – and available for the benefit of all our customers.

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