Kaptas concept

Adaptable Automation Associate

Adaptable Automation Associate

Kaptas thinking

There is always room for improvement– to question and to observe issues from a new perspective. More effectiveness can be created with new automation, intelligent update of a previously realised automation solution, sometimes also by developing manual work. Automation is not an intrinsic value, but the optimal total solution for the customer is!

Kaptas service ability

We are the customer's partner. It is the passion of the entire professional team of Kaptas to produce added value to the customer. Effectiveness, competitiveness, successes, solutions to bigger and smaller problems. Our asset is expertise, latest technology and the most important thing – experience. Considering the constant hurry, we also have nimble legs and a positive attitude.

Kaptas quality

ISO -9001 Quality Management System is supporting Kaptas company culture to improve continuously operations in aiming to develop Kaptas –quality in practice. We implement projects by documented and systematic processes. Our actions are based on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) –spirit and we are truly proud of our validation experience of which we have experience since 1990’s.
Read more about GMP and validation.

Kaptas cost-effectiveness

Automation creates productivity and profitability regardless of the industry. Automation improves the competitiveness and quality of the industry. Personnel resources can be effectively directed into stages that require human work. Every second is a challenge for us – and a victory when we can cut even one second from the work cycle time of a production line.

Kaptas scalability

Investments made previously in accordance with sustainable development are effectively utilised when production needs growth. Assembly lines can be scaled up when the volumes of the customer increase; realised annual production volumes total 1–20 million pieces.

Kaptas concept

Kaptas as company

Kaptas as partner

Kaptas as employer