Kaptas is heading toward the challenges of the 2020s with the help of a new Managing Director

13.4.2023 -

The Managing Director of Kaptas Oy changed on April 1, 2023. Markku Noroaho, Unit Manager of Kaptas’ Turku business unit, has been appointed as the new Managing Director.

Joonas Koski, who is leaving the position of Managing Director, states that the last two years have been busy: “For the past couple of years, we have focused on integrating Kaptas and Promector together and finding common ways of working. In addition, information systems, design tools, and software are now integrated to serve the entire staff, which means that our customer service and project work have also improved even more.” Promector and Kaptas, which have been part of the Swedish Addtech Group since 2019 and 2020, were merged in the spring of 2021. In addition to his main job, Koski was responsible for the duties of the Managing Director of Kaptas during the integration phase.

“Kaptas has now been successfully integrated into the Addtech Group, and Addtech strongly supports Kaptas’ future operations. For our customers, it means an even more reliable machine supplier, as Kaptas now has, for example, the opportunity to utilize the know-how and components of the entire Addtech Group in its projects. The next step is to start developing an even more successful Kaptas of the 2020s, so at this point, it was a good time to look for a new leader for this development work”, says Koski. After leaving the position of Managing Director of Kaptas, Koski will continue his work as the Managing Director of Movetec Oy, a member of the Addtech Group and on the board of Kaptas.

Markku Noroaho has been elected as the new Managing Director of Kaptas. Since 2020, he has worked as the Unit Manager of the Turku business unit of Promector and then Kaptas. His areas of responsibility have included, e.g., operational activities and sales. Before that, he worked for over 20 years in international technology projects in project management and supervisory positions in Europe, Asia, and South America. Noroaho has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

“Markku’s appointment is part of the development work we started in 2021 when the merger of Kaptas and Promector started. We want to offer our customers automation solutions based on the latest technologies. Currently, our customers are interested in, e.g., the automation of production lines, for example, utilizing machine vision systems and artificial intelligence-based software. It was important that Markku has expertise in these new technologies”, says Koski. “Furthermore, we want to serve our international customer base even better, and Markku’s long-term experience in international technology projects strengthens the already good international expertise of our units in Joensuu and Turku.”


Additional information:

Joonas Koski, +358 40 455 2673, joonas.koski@movetec.fi

Markku Noroaho, +358 400 330 620, markku.noroaho@kaptas.fi