Pharmaceutical industry

Supreme flexibility of the Kaptas concept

Automation services, pharmaceutical industry

For the pharmaceutical industry, quick market access of products is crucial. The concept created by Kaptas Oy enables competitiveness of the pharmaceutical industry in the sensitive early phase of product development and production. With its expertise, Kaptas has earned the trust of the pharmaceutical industry from prototype series to mass production.

Competitiveness with a flexible concept

Due to the Kaptas concept, pharmaceutical companies can schedule their investments in the mass production of assembly in a safe and cost-effective manner.

The concept enables a significant competitive edge for the pharmaceutical industry

The assembly lines can be scaled when the volumes of the customer increase; realised annual production volumes total 1–20 million pieces (BX, Spider, Slimline, Highspeed).

The product can be produced in the critical early phase as cost-effectively as possible all the way until the potential challenges arisen in clinical trials and market reactions have been solved. Cost-effectiveness, quality and understanding of customer needs are the supremacy factors offered by Kaptas for its customers.

The Kaptas concept has been refined in order to function effectively from planning to realisation. Markets require rapid reaction to customer needs. Delivery time is one of Kaptas's absolute assets.

Kaptas as part of a value network

Finnish expertise in intelligent automation, robotics and artificial intelligence is already globally utilised in the pharmaceutical industry.

The North Karelian ecosystem benefiting the pharmaceutical industry is based on expertise, attitude, cooperation and ability to understand the entity from a customer's viewpoint.

Subcontractor industry in the service of the international pharmaceutical industry is part of health technology, around which a remarkably strong value network has been created in Norh Karelia.

Kaptas Oy is a central actor in the ecosystem, which includes Phillips Medisize, Valukumpu, Muovisola, Muottituote, Thermo Fischer and Medix Biochemica in North Karelia.

The North Karelian expertise cluster forms an important part of the Finnish innovative entity in the health industry. The ecosystem benefiting the pharmaceutical industry is based on expertise, attitude, cooperation and ability to understand the entity from a customer's viewpoint.

Kaptas automation services

Specialist services

  • Technology reviews
  • Assembly analysis / process optimisation
  • Quality assurance, constant improvement
  • Increasing effectiveness


  • Through process expertise, we can analyse and optimise the customer’s product and production process, as well as provide necessary feedback.

Machine assembly, project management

  • The building of assembly lines based on tried and tested solutions leads to faster and simpler production.
  • Through our networks we are able to undertake the design and production of large projects.
  • Drawing on our international background, we can oversee projects on behalf of our customers.

After Sales

  • The After Sales concept of Kaptas includes effective orientation and training of the customer. Expertise, attitude and Kaptas quality are concretised for the benefit of the customer.
  • We create a remote connection to the automation lines we have delivered. We monitor the operation, utilisation degree and eventual fault situations in the lines. We can anticipate situations and make necessary fault diagnoses and repairs.
  • Proactivity is Kaptas's mode of operation. Kaptas's maintenance agreement ensures that production works without interruptions and waiting.
  • In the utilisation of industrial internet, our cooperation partner is Roima Intelligence Inc.