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Environmental Responsibility Increases Demand for Kaptas Automation

Domestic automation investments growing, economic and ecological effectiveness support each other

According to the investment review of the Confederation of Finnish Industries, Finnish industries are currently increasing investments in machines and devices. At Kaptas, an expert company for automation technology, the development anticipated by the Confederation is clearly visible; the domestic investment blockage is about to dissolve. Investment in automation also represents an investment in sustainable development.

An apt example on the synergy of automation and environmental responsibility is Kaptas' customer Eino Korhonen Oy. EKOY, a Porvoo-based contract manufacturer of electrotechnical product packages and plastic and metal products, has extended its business in recent years during the global transformation of lamp markets. The domestic market in China is a significant marketing area for the company.

In June, Kaptas delivered for EKOY's Estonian plant an assembly line related to the manufacturing of lighting track adapters.

Automation increases the value added in a market situation, where led technology is developing with an accelerated pace. The global market currently demands led lamp systems with attached smart features. Technological development follows the path of sustainable development – it is a question of energy efficiency, product lifespan and the effectiveness of production processes, EKOY CEO Rami Korhonen described.

Production becomes more effective which benefits the environment

Kaptas Oy's Managing Director Pertti Tykkyläinen reminds that environmental responsibility concerns all companies throughout the processes. Economic and ecological effectiveness support one another. Automation can accelerate business, improve living standards, make work safer and more meaningful, save material and production costs or solve issues related to the environment.

Environmental perspectives and the demand for sustainable development also make the manufacturing industry consider from a new perspective both material selections and production methods. When processes and production methods are made more effective, it saves money and is good for the environment, reminded Tykkyläinen.

In terms of assessing the utilisation of automation and the investment susceptibility of companies, Tykkyläinen is pleased with companies in the metal industry more frequently considering automation. More and more often, the prime mover alongside production effectivisation is the demand for environmental responsibility.

Significant partnership

For Kaptas, the automation investment of EKOY in Estonia is a significant deal, totalling 850,000 euros. The installation of the automation line was finalized in the end of June. The following automation solution of EKOY, which has invested already for five years in automation, will be related to current take-up device with integrated electronics.

Kaptas's turnover of the financial term ended in March totalled 4.1 million euros. The company employs nearly 30 persons.

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