Kaptas has made two important export deals in Sweden – Strong demand continues in the automation market

2.2.2017 - News

The combined sum of the deals is almost 1.5 million euros; strong demand continues in the automation market

The combined sum of the deals is almost 1.5 million euros

Kaptas, specialized in developing industrial technology and process development, has made two important export deals in Sweden. A company that plans and produces injection moulding products for the medtech industries has ordered an automated assembly line for producing syringes with integrated hubrelease system (Luer-Jack). The asset of Kaptas in the deal was the scalable production concept and enabling a tight cycle time for the volume product. Kaptas’ deal for another Swedish Medtech company proceeded into the installation and ramp up phase in mid-January. It is a production line, which automates the attachment of small extremely accurate plastic components to the jig of the painting line.

The one-handed Luer-Jack reduces the significant health risk related to the treatment of used needles, as well as reducing risk of contaminating medical procedures when performing sterile injections. Used needles are no longer removed from the plastic syringe by hand, but may be removed by pressing a button. With the mechanism, the separation and recycling of needles as hazardous waste and plastic syringe parts I easy and safe.

The other Swedish trade partner, focusing on, for example, Medtech injection moulding, assembly and finishing, has until now done the attachment of parts manually before painting. In the solution of Kaptas, manual work is substituted by an effective automation line with a machine vision. The quick exchange time on the line is a critical factor. The Swedish company produces components for international markets with millions of pieces per year.

Power of cluster

In both Swedish deals, the core knowledge of Kaptas – flexible and scalable production concept – became the decisive factor. Production Manager Kari Sinkkonen reminds that a central accelerator in export deals is a regional pharma/medtech knowledge cluster.

For example, the connection to the Luer-Jack and to the production automation needs was created through a strong North-Carelian cluster. The cooperation network can utilize the top expertise of the companies in the field so that the customers consider it much more than a sum of its parts, told Sinkkonen.

“One should be at the helm”

The Managing Director of Kaptas, Pertti Tykkyläinen describes cooperation with the Swedish customers as fluent and running. Quick reaction and flexibility towards organizing an introductory visit for the Swedish delegation gave a positive impression for the customer.

Finns have such expertise that is needed in the Swedish market. It was a bit surprising for us to hear that it is very difficult to find future-oriented automation experts in Sweden. That is of course good news for us; the perspective of continuous development and internationalization advances Kaptas’s activities, reminded Tykkyläinen.

Decades ago, critical voices suspected that automation takes the bread out of people’s mouths. The reality has been the contrary. The Managing Director has a strong vision; nothing can hold the advancement of automation in the world.

Automation has enabled cost-effectiveness, created competitive advantage and released human labour for more meaningful tasks. The possibilities of automation develop quickly. In a change, it is wiser to be at the helm rather than let others take the lead.

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