Kaptas is the 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year in Liperi

29.10.2016 - News

Kaptas is rewarded with Liperi’s Entrepreneur of the Year prize

Kaptas was rewarded with Liperi’s Entrepreneur of the Year prize on 29 Oct 2016. The selection was justified, inter alia, by the strong development of the company and employment effects. The award criteria also mentioned the positive attitude towards other entrepreneurs and naturally, the success of the company in light of key ratios.

Kaptas was established by Pertti Tykkyläinen and Kari Sinkkonen in 2007. In three years, the two-man company had grown to employ nine persons.

In 2010, a new Kaptas plant was completed in Ylämylly, Liperi. Lipertek had an important role in the plant investment. Kari Nousiainen, who then worked as the Managing Director of Lipertek, reinforced the faith in the success of the industrial growth company and in new jobs.

As a company in the field of production, Kaptas creates valuable jobs. It is extremely important that the company can invest in developing its core business, instead of spending their money on walls, justified Nousiainen the rapid action of Lipertek in the plant project.

At the moment, Kaptas employs 26 professionals. In the accounting period ending in March 2017, the company aims at reaching 5 million euros. In September, in the regional success company ranking of Kauppalehti newspaper, Kaptas was ranked third on the list of the fastest growing companies in the region.