Recession taught the importance of automation

25.10.2016 - News

When Kaptas launched its operation in 2007, the most important messages of the company for Finnish industry included the relevance of making production more effective and the possibilities of automation. “Scanning the production with value chain analysis helps in finding the critical bottlenecks – when automatisation pays off and how it should be realised,” was the often repeated message.

The importance of efficiency

The message seems to have finally come over; the recession taught the importance and possibilities of automation for companies. The recession cut off unnecessary parts and concretised the meaning of effectiveness, rejoiced Pertti Tykkyläinen, the Managing Director of Kaptas.

Tykkyläinen deemed it particularly delightful that the benefits of automation have been realised inside companies and the pressure for change does no longer rely on external advice and recommendations.

More and more companies have created a separate purchasing organisation for automation, or smaller companies have a person responsible for automation purchase. Correctly conducted automation strengthens the competitiveness of a company, which is why automation-knowledge should be invested in – as well as to enlarge and deepen it.