Movetec Oy, part of the international Addtech Group, has acquired Kaptas Oy from Liperi, Finland

25.8.2020 - News


Movetec Oy, a company specialised in the import of mechatronic, automation and industrial IT components has acquired Kaptas Oy, expert company in automation technology. The corporate acquisition will enhance Kaptas’s position in a situation where the company is seeking growth in international markets.

Oy Movetec Ab was established in 1988 and its headquarters is located in Vantaa, Finland. Movetec has 42 employees and in the accounting period ended in March, the turnover of the company was ca. 28.5 million euros. Movetec is part of the international Addtech Group, which includes more than 130 companies in Europe. The Group employs ca. 3,000 people and its combined turnover is around one billion euros.

Pertti Tykkyläinen and Kari Sinkkonen established Kaptas in 2007. Before becoming entrepreneurs, they both worked in tasks related to small piece assembly for more than 20 years. A common denominator in their work histories was Perlos and a strong vision of the necessity of automation.

In the accounting period ended in March, the turnover of the company was ca. 4 million euros. The company has 27 employees. With the present corporate acquisition, the employees of Kaptas will continue working with the new owner as old employees. Pertti Tykkyläinen will continue as the Managing Director and Kari Sinkkonen as the Production Director of Kaptas.


Movetec has grown in recent years both organically and through corporate acquisitions. In 2019, Movetec acquired automation manufacturer Promector Oy from Turku.

Acquiring Promector was a significant opening for us towards the expanding markets of automation. With the acquisition of Kaptas, we want to further strengthen our expertise in automation. The importance for automation in manufacturing will increase – our customers need it in Finland, and it is also our asset in the international markets, states CEO Joonas Koski.

Chairman of the Board of Movetec Oy, Markku Suominen, says that Kaptas forms an excellent part of Addtech Group, whose strategy is to make use of the expertise of independent Group companies. The Group companies operate already in 20 different countries.

Kaptas has been Movetec’s customer for a long time. Its corporate culture, objectives and quality of work have become very familiar to us. We appreciate the expertise with which Kaptas has managed to serve major international customers and to create long-term customer relationship in the Joensuu region, nationally and internationally, states Suominen.


In 2010, Kaptas moved from Joensuu to a new plant in Ylämylly, Liperi. In the end of 2012, the company published a unique new concept for pharmaceutical industry production. The scalable and cost-effective concept brought major pharmaceutical customers to the company. Approximately half of the turnover of the company consist of the medical sector. Other customer fields include the food industry as well as plastic and metal.

Throughout the years, we have learned to cooperate with major – much larger than us – customers. The present corporate acquisition enables us to invest in development projects, in which we previously lacked the resources. The question is about producing added value for our customers, tells Pertti Tykkyläinen, Managing Director of Kaptas.

When Kaptas started its operation in 2007, the most important message of the company for the Finnish industry was the importance of enhancing productivity and the constantly increasing significance of automation. Along the years, the message has become stronger and stronger.

Automation is still a genuine opportunity in different fields and in companies of different sizes – especially in industry as well as information and service professions. Thanks to automation, the cheapness of labour no longer determines the location of a plant. Instead, what matters includes expertise, quality, flexibility of production, delivery times, security of the operational environment, research and development – all issues that the Finnish technological expertise has loads to give, emphasises Kari Sinkkonen, Production Director at Kaptas.

Further information:

Movetec Oy
Joonas Koski
+358 40 455 2673

Markku Suominen
Chairman of the Board
+358 40 041 8074

Kaptas Oy
Pertti Tykkyläinen
Managing Director
+ 358 40 726 7630

Kari Sinkkonen
Production Manager
+358 40 569 5198

Kaptas Oy is an expert company focused on industrial technology and process development. The production concept developed by Kaptas as well as innovative technological solutions are concretised for the customer as a competitive factor, cost-effectiveness and quality. The company’s customers include the pharmaceutical industry, plastic and metal as well as the food industry. Kaptas employs 27 professionals in the field and the turnover is approximately 4 million euros.

Movetec Oy Movetec Oy is part of the international Addtech Group and belongs to the Automation Division of the Group. The turnover of the company is approximately 28.5 million euros. The company has 42 employees.

Addtech Group serves as a connecting link between manufacturers and customers, providing tailored components and systems for industry and equipment manufacture. The core strategy of the Group is to provide customers with technological and economic added value. The Group includes ca. 130 subsidiaries with around 3,000 employees. The turnover of the Group is approximately one billion euros.